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Crystal Ice Ball Face Massage

Crystal Ice Ball Face Massage

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Product information:

Product function
1. Icewave Beauty Ball is the best tool for daily skin care and skin care products introduction. It is a must-have product for beauty institutions and individuals.
2. Stay on the inflamed area and problem skin for a short time to improve the effect.
3. Put it in the freezer 5 minutes before use. You can put ice cubes in the freezer for 1 minute in winter. Please wash the ice ball crystal with clean water before use. After that, you can clean the ice puck Crystal with an appropriate amount of detergent.
4. The structure of the crystal hockey puck is made of advanced laboratory glass, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, and filled with special beauty skin care lotion.
Product function
1. Facial massage ball can help promote blood circulation, reduce dark spots and pigmentation, so as to make the skin tone more also and brighter.
2. The facial massage ball can massage the face, neck, body and other parts. When you feel tired, you can rejuvenate and use it on any part of the body to relieve pain.
3. Facial massage ball can help reduce wrinkles and puffiness. Then you will get firmer, younger looking skin with a healthy glow.
4. The facial massage ball can soothe the skin, provide a soothing cooling sensation to the skin, and reduce skin burns after sun exposure.
How to use the massage ball?
1. Daily care skin and imagine maintenance tools, can be used for facial, neck massage, scraping and so on.
2. Use in a roll way, in the area of inflammation and problem skin can be a short stay to improve the effect.
3. Place it in the freezer 20 minutes before use. In the winter, it can be chilled in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. Wash it off with water before use. After use, wash the ball with a proper amount of cleaning Lotion, and dry it in a freshness-keeping bag for use. Please don't put the refrigerator when not in use.
4. The skin will be a little reddened after use, this is a benign reaction with crystal ball.
5. The product can be used for a long time, the liquid is non-toxic, even if it is damaged, it is harmless to people.



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